Tax Refunds and Valuing the Territory?

The answer is Art Bonus.

The Art Bonus is the tax credit destined for all those, companies and private citizens, who decide to make free donations of money to support the culture; investing in the recovery and enhancement of the Italian cultural heritage.

It allows to deduct taxes, for three years, the 65% of the amount disbursed in favor of museums, restoration and upgrading of the territory.

The Art Bonus, introduced two years ago with the Law Decree 83/2014 and made permanent with the 2016 Stability Law has exceeded 131 million euros of donations from 3,646 companies and individuals.

To communicate the data, in the last November, was the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Culture Dario Franceschini, promoter of the initiative.

Although not least criticized, the first data of the success of the decree now arrive, with the first Italian regions that have decided to join the initiative.

Funds generated by the Art bonus will be used by the Regions for the recovery and restoration of Italian artistic and cultural heritage and to start it, was Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio Region.

In fact, the objective of the Region is to re-qualify 11 assets of the Latium Heritage through the involvement of individuals and businesses.

The other regions are in the starting blocks.

Humarker has always believed in the potential of artistic and cultural Italian heritage and for this reason it can participate, in all respects, as a potential partner.

The 65% tax repayment for companies that carry out liberal grants in favor of the artistic heritage and the use of the latest technologies to valuing the territory,can become a winning binomial. For companies and for culture.

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