Important changes coming to the free plans of Podio

Importanti modifiche in arrivo ai piani gratuiti di Podio

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WeHire, our HR solution

iWIZ has designed and developed for some customers a solution, on the same platform used by multinational giants, for the management of all activities related to personnel research and selection.

With zero license, installation and maintenance costs, WeHire is the ideal solution to simplify, automate and share recruitment operations, whether managed internally or entrusted to external companies.

Leave Excel,
Live Efficiently

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The seven deadly sins of CRM

The idea to write this blog post was born from an article in the major magazine “Harvard Magazine”, the text begins with these words: “In the automation race the next frontier is in marketing and sales. As everyone knows, in the past decade, computer systems have penetrated massively into design and production…” and then goes on to say: “Commitment to automated marketing and sales systems has tremendous potential in terms of improving productivity “.Read More