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We study companies and their history to figure out their potential in order to give them good advices.

iWIZ firmly believes in the well-rounded marketing as a science that studies the market and the interaction of the company with its actors.
Our consulences are therefore designed to draw up strategic plans that clearly showcase a company’s winning assets, the points to be improved, and any possible threats. This strategic plans trace sustainable development paths, into consideration that growth must also be programmed and controlled, and they open up exploration scenarios and the eventual penetration into new markets.
We strive for strategic business planning with an analytical, structured, proactive, and efficient approach without leaving anything to the chance. Above all, we try to reorient the strategy in action, by developing very concrete, “liquid” operational plans, always respecting the budget, the identity and the history of a company, its organizational balances and the full economic sustainability of each initiative.

Business Strategy - Trading & Innovation - Servizi iWIZ
Business Strategy - Trading & Innovation - Servizi iWIZ

iWIZ T&I can benefit from the collaboration of a team dedicated to international business development.
The proposed methodology is based on a deterministic and modular approach. This approach first assesses whether the customer is really ready to face a growth path abroad, and if the service that is to be offered is truly marketable in the target market, in relation to both macro-economic and cyclical trends, and assessments more strictly micro-economic.
iWIZ is supported by the legal and taxation of members of Partner for Italy, free union of professionals and entrepreneurs for the development of Italian economic activities. Of these, it is a promoter, with leading contacts and privileged contacts in the countries to which their consultations focus.

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«We study companies and their history to figure out their potential in order to give them good advices»