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We bring the experience gained in market research also at the service of SMEs. With simplicity and effectiveness.

To support the decision-making processes of our clients (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) we carry out market research:

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Quali-quantitative

The objective is to provide reliable, clear and high value added information.
With the help of web today, feasibility studies and researches can be set up economically while maintaining high standards of quality.
This helps also small and medium-sized companies to enjoy studies that give them the necessary data to make decisions in a more scientific way and less left to the case or based only on empirical experience.

Research - Trading & Innovation - Servizi iWIZ
Research - Trading & Innovation - Servizi iWIZ

In detail we can meet these needs:

  • Know better the characteristics of the market/industry in which the company operates or would like to operate
  • Understand the characteristics, behaviors, and opinions of users, not their own product/service, to find out if there are opportunities for development
  • Find a more efficient marketing strategy by knowing better how to segmentate the market where the company operates
  • Know the penetration, reputation and position of the company and its competitors
  • Launch a new product/service that can capture a defensible space in the competing market
  • Define the correct price of the company’s product/service
  • Analyze the business climate and the organizational well-being
  • Investigate the level of customer satisfaction
  • Manage the company’s chain of stores/hotels/agencies optimally, studying the skills and/or kindness of its employees (Mistery Shopping)

With iWIZ, our client has all the most innovative methodologies and tools to work at his best in increasingly competitive environments.

«We bring the experience gained in market research also at the service of SMEs. With simplicity and effectiveness»