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iWIZ was founded in 2013 by the will of respected professionals with proven experience in the fields of IT Management , IT services and strategy and management consulting, with the aim of transferring to its customers the important knowledge gained, helping them to make better decisions, accompanying them through the change in the difficult road to achieve its objectives and success


We are professionals who share the passion for the web, IT and the many facets of marketing. We serve our customers with seriousness, honesty and competence

Graduated in Economics, he deals about marketing and sales, with passion and profit


CEO and Founder

Young and brilliant architect and web designer, is the metronome of creativity in iWIZ


Art Director

Graduated in Computer Science, Almapro’s AD, is the authoritative iWIZ technology guide


Technical Director - Board Member

«I threw my cup away when I saw a child drinking from a stream with his hands»


Innovative Solutions

It is the Business Unit that deals with IT, technology and innovation.
From strategy to design to operation, we work with customers to achieve high performance through cost control and cost reduction and the viability of implemented solutions

What our clients say

  • "About three years ago, we have entrusted to Antonio Chimienti and iWIZ the difficult and ambitious task of structuring a resident marketing function that would become central to the company's business model. Well, today we can safely say that the goal has been fully reached. In particular, brand awareness has been significantly improved thanks to combined actions on the front of institutional communications, workshops and direct marketing. The impeccable design and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM enables us to optimize business processes, segment the market and, consequently, to improve the redemption of our lead generation activities."

    Giovanni Santoro - President & CEO of Crowe AS SpA

  • "We have long been looking for an agency that took our marketing into the hands. After some unsuccessful attempts, we found the right company to reach our goals in iWIZ. In a short time and at a low cost we got a beautiful and functional website, perfectly suited to the style of a consulting company in the field of justice. Even the brochure and all the institutional communication that comes with it are elegant and original."

    Roberto Aruta - CEO & Founder of Enixe Srl

  • "What we most appreciate of iWIZ was the ability to understand our business processes and so realize a CRM that was really a weapon to handle customers, win opportunities and beat competition with speed and efficiency. As a System Integrator we were looking for a solution to manage, in a single environment, not just customers, but also partners and suppliers. Thanks to Ing. Scampicchio, today Microsoft Dynamics CRM is our only front end solution for all market relationships."

    Gabriele Tortora - Sales Manager of Gamma Group SpA

  • "iWIZ is not a simple vendor but it is the indispensable marketing machine of our company. From strategy to corporate branding, through digital, social and email marketing, iWIZ has contributed significantly to the growth of Inplacement. Having then drawn our business streams down to a sleek and agile CRM platform, with very low costs, enabled us to profitably perform all prospecting activities. Equally praiseworthy is the development of a web application management tool which has eased and streamlined the most valuable stage of our business model."

    Alessandro La Rosa - Partner of Inplacement Srl

  • "iWIZ has had the perfect timing to support us at a time when the realization of our website was heavily at risk, for external reasons. Thanks to Antonio's enthusiasm and the availability of his collaborators, we have managed to go online with a website that, according to all of our readers, is well built and easy to use. The success of the project is surely due to the experience and seriousness of the Antonio team who has been able to guide us in the choices, but also the collaborative and synergistic approach that iWIZ has demonstrated since the first day."

    Giulia Trepella - Technical Account Manager of Ædera Srl

  • "We have asked iWIZ to help us in defining the market positioning of our business lines, business communications, marketing and sales management. We have found expertise, reliability, availability and results orientation."

    Fabio Machina - Chairman of Effe Emme Group

  • "iWIZ has designed and developed the corporate website of our company. The final result has fully met our needs, closely reflecting the image and identity of Next Advisor. The website has given prestige to the advices we provide, allowing us to translate our values and our peculiarities in graphics and texts always sober, clear and effective. "

    Paolo Ragazzi - Partner of Next Adivsor Srl

Trading & Innovation

It is the Business Unit that deals with all-round marketing, and therefore the numerous multitude of opportunities that companies have, today more than yesterday, to "make a market".
We approach our projects with the awareness that it is essential to integrate and co-ordinate new tools with the more traditional ones, exploiting the old and new channels and modulating everything in a strategy

News, Media & Events

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From the ideal motive to business sustainability – Workshop Non Profit. More than a year after the approval of Law
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Takayama Ukon ~ The Blessed King
Villa Paradeisos was chosen by the Tokyo Opera Society (NPO) to host the theatrical performance “Takayama Ukon – Blessed King”.
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Create value through the report. Promote the knowledge economy as a business enabler. Being “social”, open by nature, helping companies tackle global competition without distrust and prejudice, minimizing the risks of market instability and resource overruns, cutting down on fixed cost management and proposing alternative models to make company.

Our vision

Projects portfolio

«iWIZ believes in the value of people, in the power of ideas, in the respect of diversity, in the solemnity of a commitment. Without labels, superstructures and compromise»

Antonio Chimienti – CEO & Founder


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Sviluppatori PHP

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Web & Graphics Designer

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Sistemisti Windows / VMware

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Our Milan offices are located in the east of the old town, not far from Porta Venezia and about 15 minutes walk from Piazza San Babila. They can also be easily reached by city bus (Line 54 and 61), Corso Indipendenza – Via Bronzetti stop, or via railway connection, Milano Dateo stop (Line S1, S2, S5, S6, S12, S13).


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