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We want to be active contributors, in the diffusion of knowledge. What we teach? All that we know.

Training for iWIZ is a duty. First, because a consultant must be, by mission, the first contributor in the diffusion of knowledge. But then, because a prepared customer is a more aware customer, able to appreciate and respect the consultant’s qualities, a more proactive customer that constantly looks for new solutions or improvements to the current processes and tools. So, a prepare customer, is a customer that is closer to the world that we would to be also his world.
Training is therefore a long-term investment: for those who make it and for those who receive it.
“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” This Aristotelian aphorism is the mantra in the approach of our training activities, that are much more aimed at applied skill transfer rather than pure doctrine.

Coaching - Trading & Innovation - Servizi iWIZ
Coaching - Trading & Innovation - Servizi iWIZ

Our training plans are conducted as a scientific investigation. They start from an evaluation of the expected results of the learners, and then develop through an appraisal of the skills acquired – basic, technical-professional and transversal – a gap analysis between goals and skills, up to the creation of a real project document. This project must be shared with the principals and, above all, with the attendees in order to capture their full involvement. We therefore like the goals to be explicit, clear, timely, quantifiable and achievable.
The ways in which our courses are delivered are the most varied: one-way, frontal, distance (live or deferred. We use the technology intelligently and try to shape everything with a bit of creativity. After that, we focus on the moment of contact between the teacher and the classroom. We pay particular attention to the message transmission techniques and the ability to adapt (even in real time) the attitude of the first in relation to the requests expressed by the second, that is, the change in the expected environmental conditions.
What we teach? All that we know

The capital of iWIZ is shared with AlmaPro, a prominent player in the field of Microsoft Certified Training.

«We want to be active contributors, in the diffusion of knowledge. What we teach? All that we know»