Who makes great promises is not credible

Companies today need innovative but concrete professionals able to accurately analyze their identity and, starting from this, propose an ethical, correct, and sustainable strategic direction.

Strategic planning must be courageous but it needs to respect responsibly some aspects: above all the identity and history of the enterprise and then its organizational balances as well as a general economic sustainability.

Our approach to consulting is closely linked to a profound operational sharing with the client, to ensure that knowledge and practical skills quickly become a business asset. We use the tools that technology makes available to us, while favoring the relational aspect of the professional relationship.

We do not believe in training counseling, that is to say, where you simply point out the street but in the accompanying counseling where you stay alongside the company during each project phase of the project.

Our commitment is to study a tailor-made strategic plan for the company that does not alter or aggravate business management: if an action does not work today, it is not to be done. However, it is essential that the entrepreneur be aware that in a world that is naturally inclined to the speed of change, any process of revisiting its strategy, as a minimum, once consciously started, must be followed with commitment and consistency.

Change involves at all levels a portion of “organizational fatigue” and entropy that must be taken into account. Above all, it is necessary to co-operate with all those who operate within the company in any way. This creates membership and increases the chances of keeping the promises made to the market overall.

Engaging in a marketing consultant means starting a process whose fruits will be as positive as the company will be available to mutual knowledge and to an internal and external change consistent with the goals shared with the consultant. It means accepting to let go of everyday emergencies to learn to look to the future with different eyes.

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